Happy 34th Birthday!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you Jason Waters!

Today we woke up early to go float down the Provo River, per your birthday request. Which was no surprise, since you always love a good adventure!  As we were enjoying our time on the water, I kept thinking about all the ways that this adventure reminds me of you.

When we got off the bus at the top and looked around, we realized we were the only ones going down on individual tubes – and not a part of a guided tour.  We laughed and looked at each other and said, “maybe we made the wrong choice, since no one else is doing this?”  And not a moment later we said, “nah, were up for the adventure!”

As we stepped into the water it wasn’t more then 2 seconds before the current swept us off our feet and dropped us into our first set of rapids. When that happened, you stayed calm and collected.  You were only screaming from the thrill of the adventure!

Half way through the float, when everything was going wrong and the current kept smacking us into rocks or low hanging tree branches, there was no frustration or complaining, all I could hear was gut wrenching laughter as we laughed at each other and ourselves.

As we laid in our tubes, when the water was calm and we had a chance to looked around, all I could see was the most beautiful things this world has to offer.  The most amazing view of the mountains, the sun on our faces, and you talking to me about our life and our next set of dreams.

And when the waters started to drift us apart, you found a way to keep us together with one foot wrapped around mine.

I can’t help but think how much this is like our life.

When our relationship started, your love swept me off my feet, just like that current did today.  It still does.

When life gets rocky, the one thing that gets us through is laughter.  You can always crack me up, and your ability to see the humor in life and laugh at yourself is a quality about you I’ve always admired.

And in the quiet moments, when I look around and see you, our baby boy, our life, our family and friends, I feel so lucky.  We enjoy the most beautiful things life has to offer.

And when life starts to drift us apart with all of it’s busy-ness, there isn’t a night that goes by that your foot doesn’t sneak over to find mine to hold us together.

There have been times when we have looked around and said, “maybe we’ve made the wrong choice, no one else is doing this” but not a another second passes by where we don’t find ourselves saying, “nah, we’re up for the adventure!”

I am so glad that you were born and that our lives have led us to where we are today.  I love you more then words could ever describe.  You’re hard working, kind, the best listener, my BFF, open minded, always up for an adventure, the best daddy in the world to Zac, the most caring and invested husband to me, and you’re always up for an adventure!  Which is good because our life seems to be one big one!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!  We love you!


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