Five Years

It seems like yesterday that my alarm went off and I woke so excited to marry you! I remember thinking that this was going to be the first of many days, where all our dreams would begin to come true.

These last five years have been filled with the most amazing memories, gut wrenching laughter, our first baby, tears both happy and sad, campfires, fireworks, road trips, plane rides, delicious food, fights worthy of an Oscar, family and friends, and more love then I can even begin to describe. I remember thinking that there was just no way that I could love you more then I already did. You were my best friend, my Friday and Saturday night dates, you laughed at my jokes, and I felt more love then I had ever known. 

Today you are my whole life, you are Zac’s whole world. Mornings with you are filled with sound of a PodCasts coming from the kitchen, the sound of two little feet racing to find you, and family hugs before the start of each day. Afternoons, are filled with text messages that say “I love you”, and the sharing of pictures of our little pal doing the cutest things. And once the sun goes down, I can’t even begin to imagine a night where your feet don’t sneak over to find mine.

Five years ago you became my incredible husband, two years ago you became Zac’s amazing daddy, and today as the alarm went off I found myself thinking, you are still my best friend, my Friday and Saturday and every night date, you still laughed at all my jokes, and I feel more love then I have ever known.

Five years down and eternity to go! Dream team comin’ at ya!





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