Bear Lake Strikes Again

“Camping is just pretending to be homeless” ~ Shalauna

Every year we join the extended fam camping at bear lake.  But, since the family has a long standing membership with a specific camp ground, we always end up visiting just after the peak of the season.

We love seeing everyone in the family, but each year, without fail, we are privileged to endure a  Bear Lake wind and rain storm – all night long.  Our Aunts and Uncles all have sweet luxurious trailers.  Not us though.  For us, it’s tent time.


  1. Aimee

    Yikes! What the heck?! I swear Bear Lake has a curse on us. At least no one got in a fight this year! Thanks for capturing this video! I’m totes sharing it on FB.

  2. Whitney

    I’m 100% with Shalauna on this one!! Looks miserable enough to me. Someone needs to put together a petition to change the locale to Powell!

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