The Engagement

This is part 9 in a series of related blog posts.  You may want to start at the beginning.

According to the Huffington post, 40 percent of couples have a 13 to 18 month engagement before the wedding.  Yeah.  Like that was going to happen.  Our engagement?  Six weeks.  This was partly to compensate for our extended courtship duration, and partly a strategic move on Shalauna’s part.  This fish was caught, and there was no getting away!

One thing you should know about Shalauna and me is that once we put our minds to something, we make it happen.  When we started dating we dubbed ourselves the “Dream Team”.  Seriously, whenever a big project came along we’d divide and conquer, hit it out of the park, and say “Dream Team comin’ at ya!”.

Well this task was no different.  So we recruited the best in class (Shout out to Pam and Elaine, you know who you are!), and got started planning the wedding, reception, and honeymoon.

Now, when I say “We”, let me tell you what I mean.  Basically, Shalauna let me think I was in control the whole time, while she did all the work and made all the decisions.  But before you give her all the credit here, I want you to know that she was gracious enough to let me handle the finances of the whole operation.

Now, without further ado.  Please enjoy these engagement photos.

NCC_0007 NCC_9963 NCC_0021 NCC_9421 NCC_9577Go ahead and say it. Damn, we looked good.

Part 10: The Wedding

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