We’re having a boy!

At nearly 16 weeks pregnant, we just couldn’t take it any longer, so we went to “Fetal Studio” at the South Towne mall to get an ultrasound.  The place was a little ghetto, and the “doctor” had a thick european accent and wore corduroy slacks with a scrub top.  This is what you get when you insist on spying on your baby before your next standard checkup.

Shalauna is “gooped” and the ultrasound is underway.  A fertility clinic helped us to get pregnant, so we had previously had an ultrasound when the baby was peanut sized,  twelve weeks ago. Now the size of an Avocado, it was exciting to take a peek at our little guy.

We spent a few minutes checking that everything looked A-OK.  Then, wasting no time, the “doctor” began the hunt.  “This baby is a very modest baby!” he said.  He then had Shalauna turn on her side.  Then the other side.  “A Ha!” he exclaimed, “The Pee Pee!”.  He then proceeded to show us 30 different convincing angles that confirmed this initial determination.

We’re having a boy!  And we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Ever since we were dating, we always imagined our first child being a girl.  But 12 weeks ago, during our first ultrasound, we both had the impression that it was going to be a boy.  I guess we can trust our gut, because yesterday we confirmed that a boy is on the way!  That’s right folks, we’re going to have a mini Jason running around our house soon.  Yahoo! We seriously can’t wait.



  1. SOOO excited! You are going to be AMAZING parents! Boys can be fun to shop for too. You can make them wear dresses and they won’t even remember… HA! Plus, they make for great year book photos 🙂

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