The Business Trip

This is part 2 in a series of related blog posts.  You may want to start at the beginning. “What’s her name again?”, I asked Tyler, as our cab pulled to the side of the street next to her apartment building. I peered out the window and could see Shalauna’s face smiling energetically through the darkness. … [Read more…]

How it all began…

Seven years ago in May of 2008, Shalauna lived in New York City.  She was living the dream, working and living right in the heart of the financial district in Manhattan. That’s when she had the idea.  The business plan that would change her life forever! If executed, it would simplify and automate 1031 exchanges across the industry. … [Read more…]

Mall Walker of America

Shalauna and I took Zac to the mall the other day and let him loose.  Since walking is his newfound favorite hobby, it was the perfect place for him to do is first Mall-Marathon!  Check it out!

1 Year down

It was one year ago today that the Waters family received it’s new CEO.  The transition has been challenging since existing family members did not expect Zac to be such a strong and opinionated leader. “He came into the family with a plan.  He knew precisely what needed to change.”, said Shalauna. “We had heard … [Read more…]