21 Week Ultrasound

We did it!  We’ve made it past the half way mark and just 19 weeks to go! Wednesday we had our 21 week ultrasound and it was so fun to get to see Baby Zac.  Our appointment was at 8:30am, which was their first appointment of the day so we didn’t have to wait long … [Read more…]

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Waters Fam!  We seriously LOVE this holiday.  This year we dressed up as Gumby and Pokey.  If you don’t remember these characters, watch this video for a little refresher. Last weekend we had a party and this was one of my favorite moments.  Most of us were in the kitchen playing … [Read more…]

We’re having a boy!

At nearly 16 weeks pregnant, we just couldn’t take it any longer, so we went to “Fetal Studio” at the South Towne mall to get an ultrasound.  The place was a little ghetto, and the “doctor” had a thick european accent and wore corduroy slacks with a scrub top.  This is what you get when you insist on spying … [Read more…]

Flip Men

If you haven’t caught an episode of Flip Men on Spike TV, put it at the top of your todo list and make it happen.  This show is our favorite reality tv show to watch!  The show follows 2 real estate developers, Mike Baird and Doug Clark, as they acquire homes at auction, fix them … [Read more…]

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!

Shalauna and I just spent the weekend in St. George celebrating our 2 year anniversary! We stayed at a fancy place with the biggest bath tub I’ve ever seen (if you know Shalauna, you know that’s kind of a big deal).  We relaxed by the pool and went to the Aladdin musical at Tuacahn.  Good times. It’s … [Read more…]