We Went To Church

And it came to pass that Shalauna and Jason did gird up their loins and did gather together in heart and in song; Therefore they were restored unto that which is good — Yea, insomuch that they did find exceedingly great joy.


Our poor tree broke in a wind storm and when we tried to dig it out, our shovel broke in half!! So today, our good friend Mike came to our rescue and helped pull it out with his truck. Mike and Jas: 1, Tree: 0.

Pearly Whites

This handsome guy went to the dentist today for his half year cleaning and just left me a message that said, “Hey Babe, I just saw Dr. Jones and my teeth are still incredibly boring! No cavities yet again! Oh, and I told him that maybe, just maybe by the next time I see him, … [Read more…]

Bear Lake Strikes Again

“Camping is just pretending to be homeless” ~ Shalauna Every year we join the extended fam camping at bear lake.  But, since the family has a long standing membership with a specific camp ground, we always end up visiting just after the peak of the season. We love seeing everyone in the family, but each … [Read more…]