Joy, peace, and love

Hey Everybody!  This year has been such an amazing year for us!  Zac was born 9 months ago and we are celebrating Christmas with him for the first time.  Here’s a few photos from the past several months… I know.  A lot of pics of Zac, right?  Well, expect more of that.  It’s been a … [Read more…]

Jason’s Birthday in Cali

That’s right folks, another birthday!  Happens every year.  This year was really fun because Shalauna surprised me with a trip to California!  Our good friend, Sara Sparhawk, allowed us to take over her apartment, keep her up at night, and eat all her candy.  She lives in San Jose, which is right in the middle … [Read more…]

Best Daddy Ever

Hey Dad, It’s me, Zac! Remember how you taught me to use the computer for Mothers Day? Well, mom has been teaching me how to use her iPhone which has been great because now I can blog while I’m in bed right before I go to sleep. Not too bad for just 12 weeks, right?! … [Read more…]

Busy is the way we like it.

A lot has been going on at with the radfam lately!  Here’s a few highlights: We got renters in our Springville house!  It took a little longer than we hoped, but we did it.  Of course we could have accepted the family with six kids chomping at the bit to give us some dough, or … [Read more…]

Best Mommy Ever

Dear Mommy,   Hello! It’s me, Zac!  Don’t be alarmed.  Daddy taught me how to use the computer for email and blogging and I am a quick learner (I’m only 7 weeks old!).  It’s easier to put my thoughts and feeling in writing since most what I try to tell you in person sounds like … [Read more…]