One week countdown

We have finally past the 39 week mark!  Just six more days to go… at least in theory.  On Saturday, March 2nd when I was 36 weeks and 4 days we actually had a big scare that the baby might come early.  It was just a normal day of running errands and getting things done … [Read more…]

Friends Baby Shower

Let the showers begin!  My first baby shower was thrown by some of my really good friends.  It was a snowy, cooled, icy day for driving so I was glad so many were able to come and arrive safe.  We’ve joked this winter that we live in Lehi on “ice mountain” instead of Traverse Mountain … [Read more…]

Bring on Christmas

goodbye Thanksgiving.  hello Christmas! Don’t get me wrong, the turkey buffet was good and all, but we sure do love Christmas around here.  We were excited to put Christmas lights on our new house in Lehi this year. Here I am on our roof, attaching the lights to the… wait, no that’s not me.  Oh … [Read more…]

Pie Making Gluten-Free Style

This year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, me, my mom, and my sister all got together to make Thanksgiving day pies.  We thought it would be a fun way to make memories, spend time together, and be able to make a delicious treat that all would enjoy! My mom is an awesome pie maker and … [Read more…]